Italian Neorealism

by Ian Farmer

Moonlit - Newsstand


With a predominantly black cast and crew “Moonlight” has the striking audacity to portray the various shades of gray area in an oftentimes black and white society.  The sense of emotion this film evokes is unrivaled for new film or most film in general.

Perfect Day - Newsstand


By far one of the most intriguing aspects of art that drew me to things like film and fashion has always been the distortion of beauty and the way visual mediums depict harsh realities and oddness with finesse and subtlety.

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Belts, Bags, & Bricks - Newsstand


During one of my first nights in New York, I learned a new use for a towel. I walked into my University Center, I was prepared to drop 30 meal-plan dollars on what would end up being a rather subpart roast beef sandwich. I ate it alone.

Appropriation and Education - Newsstand


Fashion as an industry is in constant motion; trends and styles have a shelf life, and whether you are consumer or creator, we all know the only constant in the industry is change. Due to the fast-moving cycle, we see designers draw their inspiration from seemingly everywhere.

La Nouvelle Vague - Newsstand


In any effort to make your mark on the world, there is always the inevitable possibility that it’s all already been done before. Creative work especially, requires an admiration of someone else while demanding you to bring your own perspective and style to the foreground to present something unique.

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