"Don't eat the cheese sandwich"


Created by Ian Farmer

Who would wear this? - Newsstand


As I walked the concrete steps leading to the front entrance of the Metropolitan Museum of Art I feel a tremendous angst deep in my stomach- the nervous anticipation that one gets just moments before being granted something they have waited so long for. The ticket booth at the MET is set up as donation-based with the suggested amount of $12 for students.

Under The Skin - Newsstand


In many ways fashion is a language.  Style and music are the hidden ways in which we communicate and identify or don't identify with each other.  Whether you care about these things or not, you communicate a little bit about yourself within minutes of interacting with someone.  Some of our story is already told for us based on what you can see on a surface level, but there is always more to the story.

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A-W Project Presents "Today's Archive" We have always wanted to get into the print game ever since we produced our first couple of editorials. We knew that having a tactile publication would add so much more value to our work and we finally pulled the trigger and created one. Today's Archives is a newspaper publication compiled of A-W Project work of every four months and released three times a year.

Italian Neorealism - Newsstand


There is nothing more stylish than Italian film actor Marcello Mastroianni peering down his perfectly balanced sunglasses in the comedy-drama “8 ½” with his fixed gaze through his slick shades. This is a fact, watch the film, get to that scene, and say, “Oh holy fuckin’ shit he’s cool.”

Moonlit - Newsstand


With a predominantly black cast and crew “Moonlight” has the striking audacity to portray the various shades of gray area in an oftentimes black and white society.  The sense of emotion this film evokes is unrivaled for new film or most film in general.

Perfect Day - Newsstand


By far one of the most intriguing aspects of art that drew me to things like film and fashion has always been the distortion of beauty and the way visual mediums depict harsh realities and oddness with finesse and subtlety.