October 2, 2017No Comments

October 2017 Submission / Vol. 11

To start of the month of October, Kenyatta Cole brings back the monthly A-W Project playlist with Vol. 11. It's such a perfect segway to our October 2017 Submissions program theme. We know that  "Culture" is a phrase that is so loosely tossed around through our world. Sure, there is the actual definition of what culture is but it seems like we all have a different perspective on it. We want to know what exactly is culture in your perspective and how is culture created? 

"We want to know what exactly is culture in your perspective and how is culture created?"

Submit all submissions by October 8th, 2017 via awprjct@gmail.com.


August 28, 2017No Comments

September Submission Theme

For our first month of monthly theme submissions we decided to go with what A-W Project was created off of, what is style to you? We'd love to hear what style means to you, what it represents, what it is. You could submit any sort of content from photo essays, writing samples, videos, podcast? etc. We are aiming to showcase at least 4-8 projects the entire month of September that reflect what is style to you theme. You could submit all work to awprjct@gmail.com. Deadline for September theme is September 8th, 2017. EVERY SUBMISSION WILL BE REVIEWED. As we anticipate the submissions to come in waves and lots of them, we promise each one will be reviewed and we will be emailing each individual project back with our answer as to see if we see your project fitting to be featured on a-wproject.com. We want to thank you in advance for your interest to have your work be published on A-W Project, it means the world to us. Looking forward to all of your work!